The Faculty’s Academic Programmes:

The Faculty of Business Administration currently offers three key areas of specializations: Business Administration, Marketing Management and Accounting. Other specialties will be offered later on including Finance and Banking, Economics, Political Science & Diplomatic Studies, Project Management & Entrepreneurship, and finally Healthcare Management.

In the first four semesters, students will study the same modules. At the fifth semester, they will have to choose their area of specialty.

The faculty adopts a unique flexible academic programme similar to those offered by leading accredited international business schools. University’s requirements have to be fulfilled first: General University requirements GUR, and Free Courses FC. Then, the faculty’s requirement must be satisfied. Volunteering Courses, Compulsory Unspecialized Courses CUC, Compulsory Specialized Courses CSC, and, the graduation project are key requirement for awarding the Bachelor Degree in Business Administration.

The table below shows the courses required to obtain a BSBA in Business Administration.

Level / Requirement Types of RequirementsNumber of ModulesCredit Hours
University RequirementsGeneral University Requirements814 Hours
University RequirementsFree University Courses FC1Pass / Fail
Faculty RequirementsVolunteering Courses VC1Pass / Fail
Faculty RequirementsCompulsory Unspecialized Courses CUC616 Hours
Faculty RequirementsCompulsory Specialized Courses CSC2894 Hours
Faculty Requirementsمشروع التخرج14 Hours
Total42 Modules128 Hours