Alumni Association Benefits

There are numerous benefits can be achieved through a student association of Faculty of Business Administration. Building a communication network among graduates, facilitating the participation in scientific, social and economic events that link the faculty with the community, linking  graduates with the labor market, and developing students’ skills after graduation through training are example of such benefits. The benefits are not just limited to that. The Alumni Association at Faculty of Business Administration also helps graduates at work in terms of spreading a life- long learning culture. Enabling graduates to benefit from the faculty’s online library, giving them financial discounts to start postgraduate studies, providing volunteer work opportunities, attracting new students, or linking graduates and employers with the faculty for developing prospects cooperation for in various business fields are examples of the benefits that might be gained through this association. This association can also be used for quality assurance and accreditation purposes. Students’ satisfaction and employers’ satisfaction on the quality of education provided by Faculty of Business Administration can be measured through this association.