إختبار تحديد المستوى

In order to ensure high-quality of educational outputs, and to provide the labor market with highly qualified graduates, the Faculty of Business Administration conducts accurate tests to determine the level of English Language Proficiency of students who want to join the faculty. This process is generally carried out according to the following steps:


Set an appointment for the student to take a placement test.


The examination committee gives the student a comprehensive paper-based exam (beginner, intermediate or advanced) that tests writing and reading skills in addition to the grammar part.


Speaking test will take place afterwards to examine the student’s ability to speak English Language fluently.


The examination committee registers the student’s grades and notifies him with the overall result within an hour of conducting the test and interview.


If the student passes the test and obtains an overall grade of very good, he will be accepted for study.


If the student fails the test and the interview due to poor English Language, he will be given the opportunity to study English Language, and then take the test again after 3 months.

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