General Courses

Within the framework of the future plan, the faculty of Business Administration has seven departments: General Administration, Business Administration, Marketing Management, Accounting, Finance and Banking, Economics, and Political Science.

The faculty’s focus will be on both specializations: Business Administration and Accounting during the first years. The new departments will be established in the coming years. The requirements of enlisting are:

First: University Requirements (UR)

1. General University Requirement (GUR)

All students without exception are required to take the following (6) courses. The results are included in the students’ transcript and are counted within the study credit hours as shown in the Table Below 

Sequence Course Title Prerequisite
1 Arabic Language None
2 General English None
3 Introduction to Research Methods None
4 Business Ethics None
5 Interpersonal Communication IC None
6 Introduction to Statistics None
7 Critical Thinking None
  1. Free Courses

The following courses are non-specialized optional subjects that the student will study within or outside the university, provided that the student is issued a certificate from an authorized authority. They are not counted within the credit hours, and will only appear on the transcript as Pass/Fail. They have the duration of (4-8) weeks


Sequence Course Title Prerequisite
1 Languages None
2 History None
3 Philosophy None
4 Psychology None
5 Sociology None
6 Geography None
7 Arts None

Second: Faculty Requirement (FR)

  1. Compulsory Unspecialized Courses (CUC).

Non-specialized subjects are supporting materials in which the student is entitled to study (inside or, outside the university or in the distance learning system). The student studies for 18 hours at any scientific institution corresponding to its outputs for at least 10 Weeks of study, with the need to bring the benefits of passing those materials and estimate it, to add to the disclosure of grades and counted within the hours of study.

Sequence Course Title Prerequisite
1 Information Technology None
2 Academic Writing None
3 Introduction to Law None
4 Commercial Law Introduction to Law
5 Reading Skills None
6 SPSS Introduction to Statistics + Operations Research

Compulsory Related Courses CRC & Compulsory Specialized Courses (CSC) in each Department :

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