Online Lectures

To support its study plan, the Faculty of Business Administration uses electronic lectures with various forms as a tributary to the educational process. Faculty members and tutors can give lectures, workshops and run interactive learning sessions in the halls and buildings of the faculty, and university. In addition, they can hold direct online meetings at any time to support the educational process through contemporary educational communication systems such as Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Office, and other electronic means of communication that have been harnessed for supporting the direct traditional educational process.

The faculty also relies on the electronic platform (Moodle) to provide modern educational services to its beneficiaries. Instructors, tutors and students can upload / download the recorded electronic lectures (PPT, Videos, and Links) at any time. They also can add Word and Excel files. Assignments, tests, and past exams can be uploaded / downloaded as well. These materials can be accessed through personal phones, laptops, or a computer at home. Students can be updated with the educational process through the advertisements posted by their instructors at any time.