Dr. Sabri Elkrghli, (PhD)
Dr. Sabri Elkrghli, (PhD)Dean, Faculty of Business Administration

  • Associate Professor of Marketing
  • University of Strathclyde, UK

Ms. Rania Saleh GeithHead of Registration

Ms. Aynoor Essam ElberkawiAdministrate Assistance


Hadeel AlnailyHead of IT Department

  • Bachelor in Information Technology / University of Benghazi, Libya, Benghazi.
  • E-mail: [email protected]


Shahad SalamaQuality Coordinator

  •  Bachelor of English Literature and Translation, University of Benghazi
  • E-mail: [email protected]



Noha ArramHead of IT Department

  • Bachelor in Information Technology / University of Benghazi, Libya, Benghazi.
  • E-mail: [email protected]

Ms. Ruwaida Saleh Geith
Ms. Ruwaida Saleh GeithHead of Examination Bureau


Ms. Heba Bosedra AbdelkafiHead of Academic Bureau


Dr. Mohammed BenseleemLecturer

  • PhD. in Civil and Financial Law
  • International Islamic University, Selangor/Malaysia
  • [email protected]

Dr. Essam BeitelmalLecturer

Dr. Salwa Al AgiliLecturer

Dr. Mabrouka Alwerfalli
Dr. Mabrouka AlwerfalliLecturer


Dr.Hani N. RohoumaLecturer

PhD. in Finance
University of the Western Cape, South Africa
[email protected]


Dr. Enas M. BubtanaLecturer

PhD. in Archelogy
University of Durham, The UK
[email protected]


Mr.Elhasan M. ElbishariAssistant Lecturer

MSc in Manufacturing Engineering
International Islamic University Malaysia, Malaysia

[email protected]


Dr. Adel MekrazProfessor

Dr. Mailoud Al AbdlyLecturer

  • PhD. in Business Management, Universiti Teknologi Mara, Shah Alam/Malaysia
  • [email protected]

Dr. Hatem Al FaitouriLecturer

  • PhD. in Accounting and Finance, Portsmouth University, Hampshire/England
  • [email protected]

Dr. Ibrahim ShaloufLecturer

  • PhD. in Electrical, Electronics and Systems Engineering
  • Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur/Malaysia
  • [email protected]


Dr. Yousuf Al GumatiAssociate Professor

Dr. Mohammed AlkilanyLecturer

  • PhD. in Arabic Language, Sidi Mohamed Ben Abdellah University, Fez city/Morocco
  • [email protected]

Dr. Tarik Al Sharif
Dr. Tarik Al SharifLecturer

  • PhD. in Business Administration, Istanbul Okan University, Istanbul/Turkey
  • [email protected]


Mr. Tayseer Gumati
Mr. Tayseer GumatiAssistant Lecturer


Mr. Farag H. ElmegresiAssistant Lecturer

MSc in HRM, Sunway University, Malaysia
[email protected]


Mr. Ayman E. M. GeedallahAssistant Lecturer

MA in Applied Linguistics, Academy of Postgraduate
[email protected]


Mr. Neral Bughrara
Mr. Neral BughraraAssistant Lecturer

  • MSc. in Highway and Transportation / Civil Engineering
  • Kwa Lumpur/Malaysia
  • [email protected]

Mr. Gheith AlzwaiAssistant Lecturer


Mr. Abdelhakim MansouriAssistant Lecturer

MSc in Business Administration, Aston University, The UK
[email protected]


Mr.Mohammed Juma BufaliqahAssistant Lecturer

MA in Applied Linguistics, University of Benghazi
[email protected]


Mr.Fathi S. M. OmerAssistant Lecturer

MSc in Healthcare Administration, University of New Haven, the USA
[email protected]


Mr. Ahmed Faitory
Mr. Ahmed FaitoryHead of Finance and Banking Department / Assistant Lecturer

  • MSc. in Banking and Finance
  • Eastern Mediterranean University, Famagusta/Cyprus
  • [email protected]

Mr. Jasser Asweri
Mr. Jasser AsweriAssistant Lecturer

  • MSc. in Healthcare Management
  • Asia Metropolitan University, Johor/Malaysia
  • [email protected]



Miss. Isra Al TarbaghiaAssistant Lecturer

  • MSc. in Strategic Analysis and Financial Analysis
  • University of Manchester, Manchester/England
  • [email protected]

Mr. Waleed Elsheibani
Mr. Waleed ElsheibaniAssistant Lecturer

Mr. Akram Al OrifiAssistant Lecturer

Najla Alkharraz
Najla AlkharrazPart-time Tutor

Shahed Salama
Shahed SalamaPart-time Tutor

  •  Bachelor of English Literature and Translation, University of Benghazi
  • [email protected]

Fatma Alsallak
Fatma AlsallakPart-time Tutor

  • Bachelor of Business Administration, Mediterranean International University
  • [email protected]

Fatma Elsenussi
Fatma ElsenussiPart-time Tutor

  • Bachelor of English Literature and Translation, University of Benghazi
  •  [email protected]

Heba Rashed
Heba RashedPart-time Tutor


Ms. Rana Muftah Bushweiba
Ms. Rana Muftah BushweibaPart-time Tutor

  • BA in Business Administration, Libyan International Mediterranean University
  • [email protected]