Dr. Hatem Al Faitouri
Dr. Hatem Al FaitouriLecturer

PhD. in Accounting and Finance, Portsmouth University, Hampshire/England
[email protected]

Dr. Mailoud Al Abdly
Dr. Mailoud Al AbdlyLecturer

PhD. in Business Management, Universiti Teknologi Mara, Shah Alam/Malaysia
[email protected]

Dr. Mohammed Alkilany
Dr. Mohammed AlkilanyLecturer

PhD. in Arabic Language, Sidi Mohamed Ben Abdellah University, Fez city/Morocco
[email protected]

Dr. Tarik Al Sharif
Dr. Tarik Al SharifLecturer

PhD. in Business Administration, Istanbul Okan University, Istanbul/Turkey
[email protected]

Dr.Hani N. Rohouma
Dr.Hani N. RohoumaLecturer

PhD. in Finance University of the Western Cape,
South Africa
[email protected]

Miss. Isra Al Tarbaghia
Miss. Isra Al TarbaghiaAssistant Lecturer

MSc. Business Analysis and Strategic Management
University of Manchester, Manchester/England
[email protected]

Mr. Abdelhakim Mansouri
Mr. Abdelhakim MansouriAssistant Lecturer

MSc in Business Administration, Aston University,
The UK
[email protected]

Mr. Farag H. Elmegresi
Mr. Farag H. ElmegresiAssistant Lecturer

MSc in HRM, Sunway University,
[email protected]

Mr. Gheith Alzwai
Mr. Gheith AlzwaiAssistant Lecturer

MSc. in International Accounting,
University of Dundee, Dundee/Scotland
[email protected]

Mr. Neral Bughrara
Mr. Neral BughraraAssistant Lecturer

MSc. in Highway and Transportation / Civil Engineering
Kwa Lumpur/Malaysia
[email protected]

Mr. Waleed Elsheibani
Mr. Waleed ElsheibaniAssistant Lecturer

MBA. Business School
Oxford University, Oxfordshire/England
[email protected]

Mr. Abdelbaset Abdalla
Mr. Abdelbaset AbdallaPhD in Statistics

PhD in Statistics
South Dakota State University /USA
[email protected]

Mr. Fathi Saad
Mr. Fathi SaadAssistant Lecturer

MSC in HealthCare Administration University of New Haven, Boston/USA
[email protected]

Mr.Mohamed Zuwawi
Mr.Mohamed ZuwawiMSc

MSc information and Business Systems Engineering,
University of Surrey, Guildford, UK
[email protected]


Dr. Mabruka.alwarfuliLecturer

PhD in Arab and islamic studies
University of EXETER
[email protected]

Dr. Yousuf.algomatiAssociated Professor

PhD in Statistics Learning
University of Leeds
[email protected]

Dr. Ibrahim.alshellmaniLecturer

PhD in Electronic, Electrical and Systems Engineering
Universiti Kebangsaan of malaysia

[email protected]

Mr. Jaser.asweriassistant Lecturer

MSc in HealthCare Management
University of aSIA Metropolitan
[email protected]

Dr. Mohammed.alzedaniLecturer

PhD in linguistics and humanities
University of Sidi Mohamed ben Abdellah
[email protected]

Mr. Mohamed.jumaassistant Lecturer

MSc in English language
University of Benghazi
[email protected]

Mr. Ahmed Faitory
Mr. Ahmed FaitoryAssistant Lecturer

MSc in Banking and Finance
University of Eastern Mediterranean
[email protected]