students' training and employability

As part of its strategic plan for students’ training and employability, and to strengthen its professional ties with local community, the Faculty of Business Administration has launched several cooperation agreements with public and private institutions such as banks and companies. These ties have been developing since the establishment of the faculty.
Based on such agreements, the students join the scheduled training programmes and then will be subjected to the planned evaluation process, after which the successful trainees join those institutions as full-time employees.
The past experience of such programmes has proved their value for the faculty and its students. Great number of graduates have proved their practical competences through the evaluation reports issued by the training organization, and many other students preferred to establish their own projects at the end of the training period. These achievements were considered distinguished community contribution of the faculty in its surrounding environment.


cooperation opportunities Between The Mediterranean Bank and The Faculty of Business Administration

 “In partnership with stakeholders: “The Faculty of Business Administration” and “The Mediterranean Bank” discussed the opportunities for training and employment for the faculty’s students.On Tuesday,
students training program

The Visit of Central Bank of Libya

The Department of Finance and Banking at the Faculty of Business Administration at the Libyan International Medical University. Visited the Central Bank of Libya, where

Completion of Students’ Two-weeks Training Course in the National Commercial Bank – Benghazi City

To develop the skills of Faculty of Business graduates at Libyan International University, and within the strategies of cooperation with institutions and organizations in the
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