MSc in Healthcare Management

Postgraduate Studies MSc in Healthcare Management

Master Programme in Healthcare Management is one of the academic programs offered by Faculty of Business Administration at Libyan International Medical University. This scientific programme was designed in accordance with a number of benchmarks, standards and references. Libyan Higher Education Law (501) for the year (2010), and curriculums of some leading international Healthcare Management programmes were used in developing this programme, taking into account the particularity of the Libyan business environment and its labor market needs.The programme will be delivered using modern educational techniques such as Problem – Based Learning (PBL), Team-Based Learning TBL, and Case-Based Learning CBL. Hence, the focus will be on the student as s source of knowledge production more than being passive learner.

In order for the student to be awarded MSc Degree in Healthcare Management, he MUST successfully pass (10) Modules with (8) ECTS Credits each. Additionally, a thesis counts for (16) ECTS Credits must be submitted. An official defense (viva) will take place afterwards. The process of undertaking such programme ranges between 3 – 6 semesters depending on the following: number of semesters per academic year; number of courses on offer per term; student’s academic performance; and the selected mode of study whether it is part- time or full-time. The graduates of such programme will be ready to be engaged in the healthcare labor market as practitioners at public and private healthcare institutions, or as academicians at higher education institutions.

Recognition and Accreditation

Academic recognition and accreditation are one of the most important matters that concern any educational institution. Therefore, the Faculty of Business Administration at Libyan International Medical University was keen on this matter by applying to obtain an official recognition from the Libyan Ministry of Education, and Centre of Quality Assurance and Accreditation, The faculty succeeded in fulfilling the recognition and accreditation requirements, and obtained its recognition for Bachelor Degree Programmes. Hence, this was a key motive to proceed with the postgraduate studies programmes by arranging a cooperative agreement, and being partner to some European Universities under the European Union Commission. This has ended with launching MSc Programme in Healthcare Management. This programme is fully planned, organized, supervised and evaluated by EU throughout the period of the study. The first semester of the master’s programme in Healthcare Management started in November 2022, and periodic reports were sent for follow-up and evaluation, This programme was officially submitted to the Libyan Ministry of Education to have it approved as an initial phase in the recognition and accreditation process. The Ministry sent a group of examiners for that end, and the initial impression was very positive, and it is expected that the official approval decision will be taken over the coming weeks.

Programme Objectives

The master’s programme in health management aims to prepare and qualify human cadres working in the health sector to be able to manage this sector efficiently in accordance with recognized scientific standards, which is reflected in the improvement and development of the performance of individuals and institutions working in this sector. Hence, the general objectives of this programme are to enable students to:

  1. Define concepts of healthcare management discipline.
  2. Identify management functions used in healthcare management.
  3. Apply management functions to solve real-world problem in healthcare institutions.
  4. Develop skills in using technology in healthcare management education;
  5. Evaluate management functions applied in healthcare institutions;
  6. Solve problems and propose solutions for real-world healthcare challenges;
  7. Produce report using clear methodological and statistical techniques suitable for healthcare.

Programme Courses


As a part of the study requirements, the applicant is required to join at least four workshops (4 hours per training session) during his study. Below are the main workshops on offer:

  1. Academic / Technical Writing
  2. Reading Skills
  3. Presentation Skills
  4. Sustainable Development
  5. Essentials of Time Management
  6. Essentials of Meeting Management
  7. Research Publishing
  8. Volunteering Work
  9. Disasters and Crises Management
  10. Data Analysis (SPSS)

Academic Staff

Dr. Abdelbaset EL Ghriani
Programme Coordinator

MSc. in Health Informatics, University of la Sapienza, Rome

Dean, Faculty of Business Administration

Dr. Sabri Elkrghli (PhD) Full Professor of  Strategic Marketing University of Strathclyde, UK

Dr. Ali M. Omar Aldulimi
Assistant Professor ​

PhD. in Innovation Management and International R&D Businesses,, Nottingham Trent University

Dr. Ali ELMabsout
Associate Professor

PhD. in Biomedicine, University of Orebro/ Sweden


Dr. Issa Saleh Ali Assistant Professor ​
Dr. Souada Ahmed
Associate Professor

PhD. in psychology, University of  Surrey /England 


Contact us

If you have any queries, you can contact the Programme Coordinator Dr. Abdelbaset EL Ghriani via email