The faculty of Business Administration is working to develop an exciting programme of activities for its prospective students ranging from career and language workshops to academic development seminars and student-led conferences.

Community Support

The faculty of Business Administration believes in respecting the interests of its stakeholders starting from students, staff, parents, till the wider community.

Students are expected to give back to their local communities and to safeguard their interests not only after they graduate and begin their professional careers, but so too throughout their studies. Students, for example, are encouraged to volunteer at local businesses and to take on work placements with local businesses.

Professional Development

Throughout their four-year programme of study, students develop a range of academic, transferable, and interpersonal skills through a range of academic seminars, language workshops, student-organized events, and team activities. The aim of the faculty is to graduate young professionals, armed with solid theoretical knowledge and practical skills. Social skills needed for the contemporary employment market will be developed as well.


– Professional development programs for the teaching staff

The academic staff are trained at the beginning of the semester, small workshops are given to them in how to make presentations with good content, how to present to the students, and most importantly how to use the university’s portal (Moodle).

– Professional development programs for educational supervisors

Teaching supervisors are trained on how to direct, deal, and evaluate students in brainstorming and debriefing sessions, and then how to calculate the final sum of students ’work during the semester.

– Professional development programs for administrative staff

The administrative staff are trained in the college, where they are tested in a month-long training period according to the university regulations, and then they are trained by the dean of the college and the work team to perform the tasks of his job.