Finance and Banking

About the Department

Welcome to the Department of Finance and Banking at Libyan International Medical University. The Faculty of Business Administration launched the Finance and Banking Department in its first year back in 2017. Our department is committed to providing its students with a comprehensive education in finance and banking, equipping them with the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in the ever-evolving financial industry.
Our undergraduate degree program in finance and banking is designed to provide students with a solid foundation in financial theory and practice, covering topics such as financial markets, financial institutions, investments, risk management, financial analysis, and corporate finance. The program emphasizes hands-on learning and practical application, with opportunities for internships, research, and networking. As a student in our undergraduate program, you will learn from experienced faculty members who are experts in their field and who have diverse teaching and research interests. The students are provided with exposure to financial concepts and practices in both local and global markets.
We are committed to ensuring that our graduates are well-prepared for both academic and professional fields in business and finance. Our programs will equip them with the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed and excel in the financial industry, whether they choose to pursue a career in the private sector, public sector, or non-profit sector.


To be recognized as a leading academic department in finance and banking, producing graduates who are innovative and socially responsible leaders in the financial industry.


Our mission is to provide a rigorous  education in finance and banking that emphasizes critical thinking, analytical skills, ethical decision-making, and a global perspective. We aim to prepare students for successful careers in the financial industry and to promote research and scholarship that advances our understanding of finance and banking.

Goals & Objectives 

This specialization focuses on the following objectives:

  1. Enhancing the student’s knowledge of theoretical and practical financial and banking issues.
  2. Preparing graduates capable of competing and working in various financial institutions.
  3. Preparing graduates capable of pursuing postgraduate studies in the field of finance and banking.
  4. Linking the department’s academic plan to the requirements of the job market.
  5. Developing the intellectual and professional skills of the department’s students to enable them to lead financial institutions, develop them, and keep up with all the latest developments in the financial and banking field.
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