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Admission Requirements

To be eligible for admission to the Faculty of Business Administration, prospective students must meet the following criteria:

  1. Secondary School Certificate: Applicants must possess a secondary school certificate or an equivalent certificate that is recognized and approved by the competent recognition authority.
  2. Upper intermediate level for English language is a requirement. 
  3. Foreign qualifications must be equalized by Libyan Centre for Quality Assurance. 
  4. Physical Fitness: Students should be physically capable of pursuing studies in their chosen major.
  5. Admission Percentage: Applicants must have obtained the approved percentage required for admission to the college.
  6. Residency Requirements: Non-Libyan applicants must ensure compliance with the applicable systems, laws, and regulations regarding residence procedures during the study period. However, this condition is exempted when applying for full-distance education.
  7. Tuition Fees: Students are required to pay the tuition fees in accordance with the rules and regulations set forth by the university.
  8. Program Capacity: The number of students accepted for study should align with the capabilities of each program.
  9. Personal Interview: If the student meets all the aforementioned conditions, a personal interview will be conducted to assess their suitability for admission.

Submission of a Declaration: Applicants are required to submit a signed declaration, jointly completed by the student and their guardian. The declaration confirms that they have thoroughly read and understood the university’s list of study and examination regulations, as well as the list of tuition fees. By signing the declaration, they commit to abide by the provisions outlined in these documents. This ensures a clear understanding of the responsibilities and obligations associated with studying at the university

Documents Required

Prospective students must submit the following documents for admission to the Faculty of Business Administration:

  1. Original Secondary School Certificate: An original copy of the secondary school certificate or its equivalent.
  2. Equivalency for International School Diplomas: For students who obtained a high school diploma from international schools, the academic qualification must be equalized by the Academic Qualifications Equivalency Committee of the Ministry of Education.
  3. Detailed Birth Certificate: A detailed copy of the student’s birth certificate.
  4. Blood Type: Documentation of the student’s blood type.
  5. HIV/Hepatitis B Analysis: Proof of HIV and Hepatitis B analysis.
  6. Personal Photos: Four (4) recent colored personal photos.
  7. Good Conduct Certificate: A certificate of good conduct from the last school the student attended.
  8. Passport Copy: A copy of the passport, specifically the page containing the information written in English.

We encourage prospective students to ensure they fulfill all the requirements and submit the necessary documents to complete the admission process at the Faculty of Business Administration.

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