Project Management

Academic Staff & Teaching Assistants

Mr. Omar Abd Alrahim Layas
Position: Head of Project Management  
Email: omar,[email protected]

Education background

MSc. Degree in Project Management, Asia Pacific University. Malaysia
B.A. Degree in Construction Management , Limkokwing University. Malaysia
Foundation in Natural and Built Environment , Taylors University , Malaysia

Academic rank
Assistant Lecturer of Project Management

Research interests
Agile project management Quality control in Higher Education Institutions, Stakeholder Management and Communication, The Roles and Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Project Management.

Layas, O. (2021). Implementation of Green Project Management Processes in Construction Sectors for the Middle East. Master thesis

Mr. Neral Fawzi Boughrara
Position: Head of Quality Assurance Unit
Email: [email protected]

Education background
Master of Highway and transportation engineering from University Putra Malaysia.
Bachelor of civil engineering from the University of Benghazi.
Bachelor of civil engineering from the University of Benghazi.

Academic rank
Assistant Lecturer

Research interests
Evaluation of Pavement Surface Condition, Quality Assurance in Higher Education Institutions, and Risk Management.

Bughrara, N. (2008). Evaluation of Road Pavement Cracks in Malaysia. Universiti Putra Malaysia. Master thesis.

Administrative Staff

Ms. Halima Elhaddar
Position: Secretary 
Email: [email protected]

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