Healthcare Management


Compulsory Related Courses CRC

Course Title Code Pre-requisite
Principles of Management 7006 None
Principles of Marketing 7001 None
Human Resource Management 7021 Principles of Management
Consumer Behavior 7025 Principles of Management + Principles of Marketing
Supply Chain Management & Logistics 7017 Principles of Management + Principles of Marketing
Principles of Microeconomics 7030 None
Principles of Macroeconomics 7031 Principles of Microeconomics
Principles of Accounting 7010 None
Financial Management 7011 Principles of Accounting
Banks Management 7029 Financial Management
Math for Business 7200 None
Principles of Political Sciences 7033 None
Principles of Public Management 7023 None
Operations Management 7004 Principles of Management + Introduction to Statistics
Operations Research 7007 Operations Management + Math for Business
Management Information Systems 7013 Principles of Management + Information Technology
Electronic Business 7201 Principles of Management + Information Technology

Compulsory Specialized Courses (CSC)

Course Title Code Pre-requisite
Medical Terminologies 7085 None
Essentials of Nutrition 7087 None
Essentials of Nursing 9086 None
Libyan Healthcare System 7094 None
Entrepreneurship 7108 Financial Management + Intermediate Accounting
Management of Healthcare Institutions 7091 Financial Management
Strategic Management 7059 Commercial Law
Essentials of Medical Law 7092 Intermediate Accounting
Introduction to Basic Medical Sciences 9087 Medical Terminologies
Health & Society 7096 Medical Terminologies
Advanced Research Methods 8009 Permission
Contemporary Issues 7098 Permission
Graduation Project 7500 Free Course & volunteer work
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