Conference Invitation from India

India is holding a Conference which will take place from 2nd-4th of July in Delhi India for the “Academy for Global Business Advancement 16th Annual World Congress”, Conference Theme “Business and Entrepreneurship Development in a Globalized

Academy for Global Business Advancement (AGBA) — (a not-for-profit charitable NGO, incorporated and registered in the State of Texas, USA) — is a worldwide network of professionals committed to facilitating dissemination of scholarly research findings in the fields of business and entrepreneurship development. The main mission of AGBA is to provide an ongoing open global forum to discuss and analyze business and entrepreneurship development from different perspectives and viewpoints in order to improve understanding of underlying forces that (1) impact global developments and (2) shape the destiny of emerging countries such as India, China, Thailand, Kenya, Indonesia, Malaysia, United Arab Emirates, and Bahrain, etc. in the contemporary globalized economy. AGBA bridges geographic, cultural, disciplinary, and professional gaps by integrating different business disciplines while actively enhancing practitioner academician interactions on a regional and global basis. AGBA is sponsored by numerous universities, organizations, and agencies across the US, EU, Eastern Europe, Asia, and Africa.

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