Instruction Method

As mentioned previously, the Faculty of Business Administration BSBA adopts several interactive learning strategies such as (PBL & TBL). Hence, students learn through regular weekly sessions in which they get engaged in active discussion about a creatively designed real-world business problems.

In (PBL) approach, students are required to attend three sequential sessions: Brainstorming, Seminar and Debriefing.

At the brainstorming session, student will be exposed to a real-world scenario about a specific business issue and they need to extract the intended learning objectives out of the text provided. Students need to distribute the roles among them as follows: one will be the leader of the class, the second will be the transcriber, and the remaining will constitute the discussants. It is worth noting that students have no prior knowledge about the subject being discussed, and no lectures will be given.


At the seminar meeting, the students will be meeting their instructors and a discussion about the scenario will take place. The role of instructors is just to make sure that students are on track, and they have managed to identify the scenario’s key objectives. The interference of instructors might happen at specific occasions when students strayed too far from the focal point being discussed.

At the debriefing session, students – individually and collectively – are going to give their presentations about the scenario discussed earlier. Tutors will be available at brainstorming and debriefing sessions for guiding and steering the discussions.

In (TBL) approach, a specified material will be prepared and uploaded on the faculty’s Moodle for downloading. Students work as groups to download and read the material well. Then they have to meet up in the class to specify the intended learning objectives. The instructor will be available to offer some help and guidance and no lecture will be given.

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