Recognition & Accreditation

A.Libyan International Medical University Recognition & Accreditation

The Libyan International Medical University is one of the Libyan private non-profit universities, which obtained its recognition from the Libyan Ministry of Education in 2007, the date of establishment.the university also obtained its Initial Institutional Accreditation from the Libyan Centre of Quality Assurance (Tripoli), the body responsible for accrediting Libyan Higher Education Institutions, under the approval certificate No. 21-08, for the year 2008.the university also managed to have most of its academic programmes accredited by the Libyan Quality Assurance Centre as well over the years 2008 – 2018. The latest one was the Pharm D programme, which was accredited in September / 2018 by a scientific committee follow the Libyan Centre of Quality Assurance. The newly established faculties of Information Technology & Business Administration have succeeded in attaining their Institutional Accreditation in May 2019. They are now working hard in order to obtain Programming Accreditation.

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