The orientation week for Master’s students in Healthcare Administration

The events of the third Orientation day for Master’s students in Healthcare Administration continued on Thursday, December 22, 2022. The third preliminary day started at 9:00 am with interactive lectures, each lasting twenty minutes. Professor Hadeel Alnaili began with a lecture on using the e-learning platform (Moodle) and the digital repository. This was followed by a lecture on how to use educational platforms (Zoom and Google) in lectures and scientific meetings, presented by Mr. Omar Layas. Then, Ms. Rwayda Saleh gave a lecture on how to conduct electronic exams. After that, Dr. Mohamed Abbas spoke about how to use citations and references in scientific writing. This was followed by a lecture by Mr. Niral Boughrara on how to use EndNote software for citations and scientific referencing, which concluded the morning lectures. After the break, Dr. Sabri Jabran, Dean of the Faculty of Business Administration, spoke about the importance of research methods for graduate students in healthcare management. This was followed by another lecture on the importance of scientific publication in conferences and scientific journals and its relation to the students’ theses, and a lecture on how to conduct a literature review, presented by Ms. Israa Alturbaki. Finally, Mr. Ahmed Elfitori explained the general format for conducting graduate theses. The meeting ended with a presentation of the analysis of the survey results by Mr. Niral Boughrara.

The meetings today were also characterized by interactivity, discussions, and responses to student inquiries. The student’s feedback and impressions about the third preliminary day were positive, which was evident from the viewpoints and opinions they expressed at the end of the preliminary day events. Additionally, complementary discussions on the topics covered were encouraged.

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