Orientation Days for Healthcare MSc Students

Master of healthcare management program second orientation day for new students.
Under the supervision of the dean of the faculty of business administration, the orientation program
activities actively continued for the second day in a raw to guide the first batch of students, which
started at 9:00 am with an interactive lecture on Interpersonal Communication skills conducted by Mr. Abdulgader Ettaib and lasted for two hours. This was followed by a short break for the students.
Afterwards, Ms. Noha Al- Arram talked about the importance of technology in the healthcare systems.
To conclude the day, the university advisor for quality and governance affairs in higher education, Dr. Khabab Abdel Moneim, titled the health system from a global perspective, and sustainable development
goals lasted for a full hour.

The students’ reactions and impressions of the second introductory day were also positive, which was
noted through the points of view they expressed at the conclusion of the activities.

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