cooperation opportunities Between The Mediterranean Bank and The Faculty of Business Administration

 “In partnership with stakeholders:

“The Faculty of Business Administration” and “The Mediterranean Bank” discussed the opportunities for training and employment for the faculty’s students.
On Tuesday, May 16th, 2023, Mr. Hamdi Ziu, Director of the Mediterranean Bank, invited the faculty’s dean, Prof. Sabri >> and the Head of the Finance and Banking Program, Dr. Bashar Mnasour, to visit the Mediterranean Bank in Benghazi. This visit comes as part of the faculty’s continuous effort in strengthening its links to community institutions. The two parties agreed during this visit to secure training opportunities in banking positions for our students. this is another step in the faculty’s plan to provide its students with training plans, as well as employment opportunities for our graduates after training.
During the meeting, the two parties discussed possible further cooperation chances, both scientific and professional, that could be provided by the faculty to the bank. The faculty can provide training courses, professional consultations, workshops in the fields of administration, finance, economics, in addition to contemporary applications in the field of financial and banking sciences.
The students training programs is expected to be launched in the coming weeks as part of a timeline agreed upon between the college administration and bank management.

Graduate Studies Bureau: Workshop on Academic Writing

With the presence of the Programme Coordinator, Dr. Abdel Baset Al-Ghariani, a workshop was organized on Wednesday, the 10th of May, 2023 targeting the two batches of MSc Healthcare Management Students.
The workshop was entitled: Academic Writing Common Mistakes delivered by” Prof. Dr. Sabri Elkrghli with the assistance of Miss / Buthaina Kolachi & Miss Heba Bosedra.
The three-hour session was divided into two parts: In the first part, Prof. Dr. Sabri Elkrghli spoke about the academic writing mistakes committed by the students based on the students’ answers in their weekly assignments, where those mistakes were used as a basis for preparing the workshop content.
All students’ homework sheets were marked and returned to the students in the class as a first step, and then they were asked to look at their different writing mistakes to learn from them based on the second part of the workshop delivered by Ms. Buthaina Kolachi, with the assistance of Ms. Heba Bosedra, and general supervision of Prof. Dr. Sabri Elkrghli.
The content of the material delivered was mainly about the common committed mistakes by the students such as: sentence structure, paragraph writing, punctuations, tenses and citations.
At the end of the three-hour workshop, it was agreed that the students should attend another workshop critical review of the literature as a complementary session. This workshop will be organized in the coming weeks.

Commencement of Postgraduate Classes in Healthcare Management

After Eid Al-Fitr holiday, the postgraduate studies classes in Healthcare Management were resumed for the first and second batches.
The first class for the first batch was on Business Development Course presented by Prof. Dr. Sabri Elkrghli, while the second class for the second batch was on Health Economics Course delivered by Dr. Issa El Fadhli.
The teaching and learning techniques used in both classes were based on active learning strategies. This approach has been used at the university since its establishment in the year 2007. Many techniques have been used in both classes such as case analysis, discussions, presentations and reflections.
It is worth mentioning that these lectures and scientific activities come as part of the academic partnership programmes of postgraduate studies in Healthcare Management organized and monitored by the European Union.

To Raise Libyan Higher Education of Health Sector of Local Society Partner Meeting in Tripoli University 30th of April / 2023

As part of the scientific support projects of Libyan higher education healthcare institutions, a meeting of partners universities was held at 9:00 a.m. on Sunday, the 30th of April / 2023. The meeting was organized by the European Union Projects Unit.
The representative of Libyan International Medical University in the project, Prof. Dr. Sabri Elkrghli, the Dean of Faculty of Business Administration, participated in this meeting.
The agenda and discussion of the meeting covered the following issues: the current progress and implementation of Healthcare Management Master Programme in each university (e.g., Terms of admission, language of study, academic study plan, courses of the programme, academic staff involved in the educational process, syllabuses’ benchmarks, resources and references, e-library…etc). The discussion extended to include the current progress in establishing data center in Libyan universities. The issue of health-related publications in each university was discussed. Finally, the level of interaction between the partners universities and the local institutions was discussed. The meeting concluded at three o’clock in the afternoon, and it was agreed among participants to continue in the communication and consultations regarding the discussed items till the date of the next meeting.

Weekly Sessions for the Graduation Project Students

As part of its plan to develop students’ research skills, a series of research presentations were launched last Sunday, the 30th of April / 2023 under the supervision of the academic staff members. These sessions come within the weekly scheduled sessions for graduation projects until the date of discussion (Viva) at the end of the term.

The Dean of the Faculty Participated in the Campaign (Iftar Fasting)

The Iftar fasting campaign, in which the affiliates of the Libyan International Medical University, including students, employees, and faculty members, contribute to collecting in-kind donations for the campaign throughout the days of the holy month, where university students volunteer to prepare a bag of iftar food containing items for the campaign, is another instance of a significant interaction through which the social function of the university is evident. Students from the faculty of business administration took part in the campaign on Wednesday, April 5, 2023, with the faculty dean. Throughout the holy month, the remaining faculties will also take part that is in keeping with the implementation of the memorandum of fruitful cooperation for the benefit of society and the provision of services to citizens, it is important to note that the university’s community and environment service office is overseeing this voluntary campaign in collaboration with the Benghazi Hope Foundation.

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