🎊 Celebrating the Graduates of the Faculty of Business Administration! 🎓

Congratulations to the remarkable individuals who made up the last group of the Spring 2023 batch! It is with immense pride that we announce the successful completion of their graduation projects.
Throughout their academic journey, these graduates have not only expanded their knowledge and expertise in the field of business administration but also undergo transformative personal growth. Their hard work has shaped their characters and prepared them for the challenges of the professional world.
We are proud to have played a part in nurturing these exceptional individuals and equipping them with the skills and mindset necessary for success.

Fourth Day Graduation Project Discussions Spring 2023-2024

Graduation projects continue to be discussed and families cheer the place up
For the fourth day in a row, graduation projects for students of the Faculty of Business Administration follow. Today, Tuesday, 20th  of June 2023, two students
from the Department of Business Administration presented their graduation projects. The first project  :The Impact of Human Resource Management Practices
on Employee Performance: The Case of Golden Crown Company by Student  Abdullah Abdulsalam Abuqusaysah,
the second project is for the student Muhammad Al-Zanati
: The Impact of Work Environment on Employees Productivity: The Case Al Nafora Company

Graduation Projects Discussions Spring 2023-2024 (Third Day)

For the third day, the students are creative and the examiners are impressed
Under the Supervision from the Dean of the Faculty Prof. Dr. Sabri Gubran ElKurghali , the third group of graduation project discussions was launched today, Monday, June 19, 2023.
the first discussion was by student Shahad Khaled , her research : The Impact of COVID-19 on Cryptocurrencies
The second research : Impact of Covid-19 Pandemic on Liquidity and Profitability of Firms in Europe by the student Mohamed Abdel Rahman.
the third discussion was : Credit Risk And Its Impact On Banks’ Profitability by the student Muhannad Al-Zaidani.
The students made very special presentations that dazzled the scientific jury , and the research papers were approved, and they will be published on the Faculty digital repository in the coming days.

Graduation Projects’ Discussion Spring 2023-2024 (Second Day)

For the second day in a row, Sunday, the 18th of June 2023, discussions of graduation projects continued, five graduation projects were presented as follows:
The student,
Ayob Omar Mohamed Almesmari: The Impact of Corporate Governance on Firms’ Financial Performance in The United Kingdom
Salem Rashad Salem Gaafar: Determinants Of Profitability In Banks In The MENA Region
Amhamed Ghanem Bashir Bashir. The Effect of Working Capital Management on Profitability in Uk Retail

Muhaned Taisir Salem Elgumati : The Connectedness Between Bitcoin, Gold & Crude Oil Prices (2018-2023)
Sundus Salim Nasar Mukhtar Aloud : Patient Satisfaction with Dental Care Services in Libya

Graduation Projects Discussions Spring 2023-2024

On Saturday, June 17th, 2023 graduation project discussions started at the Faculty of Business Administration for the class of spring 2023-2024, The discussions were attended by
the Dean of the faculty
Prof. Dr. Sabri al Elkurghli
Dr. Ali Al Dulemi Assistant
Professor of Innovation Management& Entrepreneurship.
Dr. Mailoud Alabduli
Lecturer in Business Management
Three students presented their projects
with great enthusiasm and passion, the examiners praised their work and were more than satisfied

Mustafa Nabeel Almatmati

Customer Response Towards QR Codes Used in Marketing: an Libya Perspective

Sakeenah Adel Mare Saeid

The Effect of Culture on Online Libyan Consumers’ Buying Behavior

Mariam Mahmoud Ibrahim El Rifai

The Benefits of Implementing Quality Management System ISO 9001 at Elrayhan Company

Advanced Research Methodology Presentations

Welcome to the Faculty of Business Administration at the Libyan International Medical University, where we are dedicated to nurturing and enhancing our students’ skills and capacities in various aspects of the business field. Our goal is to prepare them to excel in their careers and make a meaningful impact in the business world. We recognize that presentation skills are essential for our students to succeed. Effective presentation techniques not only boost their self-confidence but also foster their ability to
communicate ideas innovatively. With this in mind, we place great emphasis on developing presentation skills as part of our comprehensive curriculum.
Recently, on June 12, 2023, an exciting event took place at the Faculty of Business Administration. Students enrolled in the Advanced Research Methodology course showcased their hard work and dedication by presenting their research papers. These papers were the culmination of their semester-long efforts and served as a significant requirement for the course. By organizing such scientific activities, we aim to provide our students with an opportunity to demonstrate their professional skills and connect their academic knowledge to real-life situations. The research paper presentations served as a platform for our students to exhibit their expertise in the field of business. Through their well-prepared presentations, they showcased their ability to conduct rigorous research, analyze data, and derive meaningful insights. This event also allowed them to sharpen their critical thinking, problem-solving, and public speaking skills, which are crucial for success in their future careers. Not only did the research paper presentations enhance the students’ confidence and self-ability, but they also encouraged the generation of innovative ideas. By engaging in in-depth research and presenting their findings, our students demonstrated their capability to think creatively and propose novel solutions to complex business challenges.
We take great pride in our students’ achievements and commend them for their hard work and dedication. The research paper presentations were a testament to their academic growth and commitment to excellence. We believe that these experiences will significantly contribute to their personal and professional development, equipping them with the skills necessary to excel in the dynamic and competitive business landscape.
As we continue to prioritize the holistic growth of our students, we remain committed to providing them with a nurturing and intellectually stimulating environment. The College of Business Administration at the Libyan International Medical University is dedicated to empowering our students, fostering their entrepreneurial spirit, and preparing them to become future leaders and change-makers in the business world.

Contemporary Issues Presentations

As part of the course plan, the students of the Contemporary Issues Course presented their research topics yesterday morning, the 15th of June / 2023. 
Students’ assignments and presentations were developed over the past 12 weeks under the direct supervision of Prof. Sabri Elkrghli, the instructor of the course. 
Students have developed their amazing research analytical skills by investigating trendy topics in the fields of business administration. 
The task required by the students was to review academic papers in an analytical and critical way along with the reflection and conclusion parts.  
Students’ research skills in this assignment were significantly developed and reflected positively on their way of conducting research. 

End of the PBL sessions

Last week was the end of the PBL sessions for this semester, We could not be happier about our student’s journey. all thanks to our amazing teams of tutors who helped their students improve their skills.

Tips & Tricks to apply for Horizon EuropeCalls : Workshop

The faculty team participated in a 3 days workshop organized by the Research and Consultation Center at the university. The workshop shed light on the Horizon Europe Program. The presenter, Dr. Majdeddin Al Ghadban, is a previous contact personnel between the program and the Libyan government, and a member of the Libyan Authority for Scientific Research
Dr. Al Ghadban offered insight on the program’s research tracks, ways to get grants, and cooperation opportunities with international partners.

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