Graduate Studies Bureau: Workshop on Academic Writing

With the presence of the Programme Coordinator, Dr. Abdel Baset Al-Ghariani, a workshop was organized on Wednesday, the 10th of May, 2023 targeting the two batches of MSc Healthcare Management Students.
The workshop was entitled: Academic Writing Common Mistakes delivered by” Prof. Dr. Sabri Elkrghli with the assistance of Miss / Buthaina Kolachi & Miss Heba Bosedra.
The three-hour session was divided into two parts: In the first part, Prof. Dr. Sabri Elkrghli spoke about the academic writing mistakes committed by the students based on the students’ answers in their weekly assignments, where those mistakes were used as a basis for preparing the workshop content.
All students’ homework sheets were marked and returned to the students in the class as a first step, and then they were asked to look at their different writing mistakes to learn from them based on the second part of the workshop delivered by Ms. Buthaina Kolachi, with the assistance of Ms. Heba Bosedra, and general supervision of Prof. Dr. Sabri Elkrghli.
The content of the material delivered was mainly about the common committed mistakes by the students such as: sentence structure, paragraph writing, punctuations, tenses and citations.
At the end of the three-hour workshop, it was agreed that the students should attend another workshop critical review of the literature as a complementary session. This workshop will be organized in the coming weeks.

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