Faculty of Business Administration and Student Academic Advising Program

This morning, the Faculty of Business Administration organized a session during which several faculty members gave short presentations, aimed at guiding students academically, introducing them to the five majors that the faculty includes and the nature of those careers after graduation.
It is of note that academic advising is a process that aims to help the student discover their abilities and potentials, to assist them in making decisions related to their study plan, and to choose the appropriate type of academic major, and to help them overcome the difficulties that may encounter during their academic path.

The Libyan International Medical University with its various faculties depend on a group of academic advisors to guide students before they choose their major, and ultimately being accepted in their desired university major. These groups furthermore provide many services to students, such as assisting them in defining their academic goals, drawing their plans, and choosing appropriate courses for their academic and professional aspirations.

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