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cooperation opportunities Between The Mediterranean Bank and The Faculty of Business Administration

 “In partnership with stakeholders:

“The Faculty of Business Administration” and “The Mediterranean Bank” discussed the opportunities for training and employment for the faculty’s students.
On Tuesday, May 16th, 2023, Mr. Hamdi Ziu, Director of the Mediterranean Bank, invited the faculty’s dean, Prof. Sabri >> and the Head of the Finance and Banking Program, Dr. Bashar Mnasour, to visit the Mediterranean Bank in Benghazi. This visit comes as part of the faculty’s continuous effort in strengthening its links to community institutions. The two parties agreed during this visit to secure training opportunities in banking positions for our students. this is another step in the faculty’s plan to provide its students with training plans, as well as employment opportunities for our graduates after training.
During the meeting, the two parties discussed possible further cooperation chances, both scientific and professional, that could be provided by the faculty to the bank. The faculty can provide training courses, professional consultations, workshops in the fields of administration, finance, economics, in addition to contemporary applications in the field of financial and banking sciences.
The students training programs is expected to be launched in the coming weeks as part of a timeline agreed upon between the college administration and bank management.

The Visit of Central Bank of Libya

The Department of Finance and Banking at the Faculty of Business Administration at the Libyan International Medical University. Visited the Central Bank of Libya, where the students were briefed on the mechanisms of the bank’s work in various departments such as the treasury. And the clearing and issuance section introduced students to the practical aspects of many topics they had previously studied.
This comes within the framework of the college’s plan to raise the efficiency of graduates and improve the scientific output of the college through the exchange of experiences and practical experiences between professionals and students.
In conclusion, the faculty thanked the bank’s management and all its employees for the services and information they provided to the students.

Completion of Students’ Two-weeks Training Course in the National Commercial Bank – Benghazi City

To develop the skills of Faculty of Business graduates at Libyan International University, and within the strategies of cooperation with institutions and organizations in the surrounded community, a two-weeks training programme for the students were organized with the National Commercial Bank. A group of 21 students has participated and successfully completed their training programme. Another group will start the training for two weeks. On this occasion, the Faculty of Business Administration at Libyan International Medical University would like to extend its thanks and gratitude to the Commercial Bank for such cooperation with the students. The faculty also does not forget to thank everyone who contributed to the success of this training course, especially Mr. Tayseer Al-Qamati for the unlimited support to the faculty.

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