Faculty of Business Administration Achievements of Scientific Research: Spring / 2023

As part of its mission for scientific research, the Faculty of Business at Libyan International Medical University has published a number of research papers in indexed and peer-reviewed scientific journals, most of which are included in the Scopus and Web of Sciences databases. Dr. Bashar Yasser Al Mansour, a visiting faculty member of Finance, has published a number of papers, some of which were in collaboration with Prof. Dr. Sabri Elkrghli. Other papers have been published jointly with other researchers affiliated to different business schools worldwide. These scientific contributions have high value for improving the faculty’s ranking. Additionally, there is another set of papers that have been accepted for publication and will be published and launched online over the coming few months.
In addition to the aforementioned accomplishments, the faculty has succeeded in producing a variety of graduation projects. A total of 22 projects have been successfully defended and published online through its Digital Repository (http://repository.limu.edu.ly).

Published Scientific papers

1. Factors Influencing Customer Satisfaction on E-Banking Services: A Study of Libyan Banks

Journal : International Journal of Technology, Innovation and Management

2. Effect of Big Data Analytics on Internal Audit Case: Credit Suisse

Journal : International Conference on Business Analytics for Technology and Security

3. Unravelling the Complexities of Cryptocurrency Investment Decisions: A Behavioral Finance
Perspective from Gulf Investors

Journal : International Journal of Professional Business Review

4. Behavioral Finance Factors and Investment Decisions: A Mediating Role of Risk Perception

Journal : Cogent Economics & Finance

5. The dynamic connectedness between cryptocurrencies and foreign exchange rates: Evidence by TVP-VAR approach

Journal : industrial engineering and management systems

6. دور المركزية الإدارية في التنمية المكانية في ليبيا

Journal : المؤتمر العلمي الدولي الثاني لكلية الاقتصاد

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