Graduation Projects Discussions Spring 2023-2024 (Third Day)

For the third day, the students are creative and the examiners are impressed
Under the Supervision from the Dean of the Faculty Prof. Dr. Sabri Gubran ElKurghali , the third group of graduation project discussions was launched today, Monday, June 19, 2023.
the first discussion was by student Shahad Khaled , her research : The Impact of COVID-19 on Cryptocurrencies
The second research : Impact of Covid-19 Pandemic on Liquidity and Profitability of Firms in Europe by the student Mohamed Abdel Rahman.
the third discussion was : Credit Risk And Its Impact On Banks’ Profitability by the student Muhannad Al-Zaidani.
The students made very special presentations that dazzled the scientific jury , and the research papers were approved, and they will be published on the Faculty digital repository in the coming days.

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