Graduation Projects Discussions Spring 2023-2024

On Saturday, June 17th, 2023 graduation project discussions started at the Faculty of Business Administration for the class of spring 2023-2024, The discussions were attended by
the Dean of the faculty
Prof. Dr. Sabri al Elkurghli
Dr. Ali Al Dulemi Assistant
Professor of Innovation Management& Entrepreneurship.
Dr. Mailoud Alabduli
Lecturer in Business Management
Three students presented their projects
with great enthusiasm and passion, the examiners praised their work and were more than satisfied

Mustafa Nabeel Almatmati

Customer Response Towards QR Codes Used in Marketing: an Libya Perspective

Sakeenah Adel Mare Saeid

The Effect of Culture on Online Libyan Consumers’ Buying Behavior

Mariam Mahmoud Ibrahim El Rifai

The Benefits of Implementing Quality Management System ISO 9001 at Elrayhan Company

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